Gastronome 19

S$19 per pax (Min 30 pax)

Canape Selection

Select 4 of 8 (to enhance platter add $2.5/ item)
Honey Chicken RouladeWaldorf SaladChicken Sausage HamThai Style Prawn on VermicelliYin-Yang ScallopsDried Chili Chicken CubeSmoked Duck Breast with Mango SaladQuail Egg with Prawn

House Special

Select 1 of 3 (to enhance add $3.00)
Granny Mutton/ Beef RendangAssorted Maki SushiSucculent Roast Duck with Silver Bun

Noodle Basket Special

Select 1 of 4 (to enhance add $2.00)
Shrimps & Celery topped with Cashew in a BasketSpicy Asparagus & Scallop with Pine Nuts in a BasketGolden Treasures with Pine Nuts in a BasketSquid & Broccoli with Walnut in a Basket

Poultry of The World

Select 1 of 4 (to enhance add $2.00)
Thai Style Curry PrawnLychee Dory Fish FilletCrispy Salted Egg Calamari cooked with Chili PadiCereal Dory Fish Fillet accompanied with Mesclun Salad

Fish & Shellfish

Select 1 of 4 (to enhance add $2.00)
Whole Seabass Fillet cooked in H.K StyleBreaded Fish Roulade with SauceChinese Style Butter PrawnLocal Sambal Mussel

Roots & Vegetable

Select 1 of 4 (to enhance add $2.00)
Steamed Tofu Skin with Golden Vegetables and Pumpkin FillingsDouble Flower with White Fungus with Bailing Mushroom with CapsicumBraised Kai Lan with Sliced Dang Gui Wolfberry and Assorted VegetablesDong Gu Xiao Bai Chye topped with Shredded Dried Scallop


Select 1 of 4 (to enhance add $2.00 or chef on site add $4.00)
Gourmetz LaksaGourmetz Mee SiamGourmetz Mee RebusGourmetz Wok Fried Hor Fun (Choice of Beef or Chicken)

Comfort Food

Select 1 of 4 (to enhance add $2.00, to use brown rice add $1.00)
Seafood Olive RiceChicken Floss Pineapple Fried RiceSteamed Glutinous Rice with Chinese Chicken SausageFairy Fried Rice Cooked with Prawn, Ham & Chinese Sausage

Sweets Bits Station

Select 1 of 2 (to enhance add $2.00)
Assorted Fruit TartletsCream Tartlets
Fresh Fruit JellyRainbow Layered Jelly
Tang Yuan with Sago Soup (served warm/chilled)Traditional Cheng Tng(served warm/chilled)

Sensation of Thirst

Select 1 of 4 (to enhance add $1.00)
Sparkling OrangeSparkling Fruit PunchSparkling Black CurrantSparkling Apple


(to enhance add $1.50)
Signature Yam KuehSignature Pumpkin KuehSignature Assorted Nonya KuehHandmade Assorted Pastries



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